SHUFFLE - Faded chalk lines

New Music Video : Faded Chalk Lines

We are very proud to present Faded Chalk Lines our new music video directed by Brice Hincker. This time, it’s a video with a scenario and some references you’ll recognize. Send us your opinions and comments! We would like to thank all the actors (Myrtille, Dimitri, Alex, Alexia, Yoann, Micka, Marc (x2), Christian, Johanna, Louise, Céline, Thomas (x2), P-Y, Lucie, Martine & Mickaël), Les Saulnières, Superforma and all those who helped to make this project a reality.

This track is the second single from our new album #WontTheyFade? which will be released on November 23rd, 2018 (Klonosphere / Season of Mist). The single Faded Chalk Lines will be available on all streaming and download platforms from Wednesday 31st October 2018.

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Lyrics :
I can see but I can’t hear a sound
These-red … drops falling on the ground,
Liquid red … as it hits the sand.
My nose-hurts ‘n’ there’s blood on my hands.

Knees-Hit the dust now I’m alone in my pain
Banned from lands cause some of them complain.
Cause I’m different they don’t understand
TV tells them what to fear sit on the witness stand.

I’m not afraid and I know
I’m hold back another blow
I’m not afraid and I know
I’ll take down this puppet show

Security, security
More and more policeman for more and more humiliation
Not here to protect, but here to reject…
To be injured is neither a reason nor a justification…
You can’t be the victim… you need a house of correction…

Alone in my cell, I count the days… on the wall.
Like a savage animal they say…I’m out of control
Lost without a sign…Lost without a sign…
I try to find the light… Find the Light..

I’m not afraid and I know
I’m hold back another blow
I’m not afraid and I know
Cause it’s the same old show

I’m not afraid and I know
I know you must to regret
I’m not afraid and I know
That you’ll finally respect
I’m not afraid and I know
Now you’re the only suspect
I’m not afraid and I know
I’m not afraid anymore

New Music Video : Withdrawal

Check out our new music video “Withdrawal” (from the album “Upon The hill”)

Video directed by Nael Adams
Edition & calibration: Alexis Chopard
Lighting assistant: Antoine Labond
Actors :
Hamza Boudour (the boy)
Oiffim et Oissim Gacem (police officers)
The shop : Rock’n’BD (Rambouillet, France)
Produced by WRP PROD

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Produced by Arnaud Bascuñana & Jordan Jupin
Engineered and mixed by Arnaud Bascuñana assisted by Tim Bickford at Studio Soyuz & Studio 180 (Paris)
Mastered by Arnaud Bascuñana at Studio 180 (Paris)

Label : M & O Music –

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We are counting on your support !

We’ve put our time and our heart into this album which is a new step for the band, a new step to share our universe with you. « Upon The Hill » is to be released on March the 23, 2015. If you don’t mind… We are counting on your support to finalize this album.

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Sortie de l'album Upon The Hill : 23 Mars 2015

New album

Shuffle’s next album « Upon The Hill » will be released on March the 23 2015 on M&O Music label ! Distributed by Rue Stendhal & Believe Digital. Promotion by M&O Office and Replica Promotion.

Jonathan (Basse) au Festival "Syncope fait de la résistance"

Live at Syncope Festival

We were back home for the « Syncope fait de la résistance » festival. Four bands from Syncope Management’s roster live at the Salle Jean Carmet (Allonnes) : Jr Yellam, ACNE, Sharon & Tracy and Shuffle.

We would like to thank again Sycope and Jean Carmet’s teams, a nice organisation and a fantastic audience united for a great evening !

Find out the pictures of the show on Shuffle’s Facebook page :
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