#WontTheyFade? #2 album Shuffle

Shuffle - #WontTheyfade? (2018)

Spoil The Ground :
Someone told you that you must follow the lead.
Follow those people; Follow the wolf in sheep’s clothing
Someone told you it was forbidden to leave.
Freedom’s allowed? Freedom? Fuck you!

There’s no reason to believe in your tale.
I don’t believe you! Don’t try to change my mind
You be’tray ‘all a’round ‘you as if you needed revenge.
Fuck you! We don’t believe in those lies.

No way, we’re not staying, inactive…
We’re not afraid to fight against you.

You don’t give a fuck now; ‘cause you’re feeling safe..
You’d better hide now or we’ll have to engage.

We're not gonna stand there and watch you spoil the ground
We're not gonna stand there and watch you soil the world

In the beginning of time there was nobody here
Nobody here to fight for possession
Freedom was a gift and not a privilege
Nature was safe… nobody wanted
Destruction. Now we’re stuck in this cycle of
Rape, war, more violence, fucking a bitch with champagne

We're not gonna stand there and watch you spoil the ground
We're not gonna stand there and watch you soil the world

Switch To The Otherside :
So ‘now you realize …
Always think about yourself makes you some shit,
You’r’fraid the ‘people you know and everybody around…
… Could try to take the crown, and burn your estate down …
Do you really think it could work like this?
That we can follow you in a pit and help to dig the crypt
Do you really think we’re blind (you) like this?
That we can follow the shepherd mindlessly like sheep.

Everyone knows the truth … but they hide their faces in the crowd.
You say that it’s no use … and we’re just here to mess around.
You don’t even hide yourself … from bad business, ruthless, no witness.
You’re so full of yourself … Cause you’re paying out your justice…

Easy to choose when you’ve got big bucks
Easy to hide

You talk about respect?
How can you be square? What do you expect…
From the people you maimed, from the land you stained.
From all the laws you broke and all money you stole.
Always on top to blame the minority
You’re right; save them is not a priority
They ‘profit of the system, impose their old customs,
Constantly need assistance, disturb your own cultures…

Fuck you with your opinion, your ideas and your speeches.
Get out of your big houses, before taking everybody for your bitches.
Go see the world like it is and not through your black sun glasses
Go see these slums you created while you bought your new boat, the biggest

Easy to choose when you ‘ve got big bucks
Easy to hide

Easy to loose all those fools in a blast
And switch to the other side

Checkmate Fool :
There’s something wrong in your past,
Something wrong when you promised … your lies …
Thinking you’d get people to believe … you don’t care.
You said what everyone wants to hear…

You said it’s easy to change …
… everything with a snap of a finger.

No question asked,
You’ll find
Someone to clean this fuckin’ mess.

Whatever the price of gold, No matter how many lives,
Whatever the losses.
Whatever the price of a line, whatever the way, they find...
… Always a reason to shout.

A reason to shout… to kill…
A reason to die

Faded Chalk Lines :
I can see but I can’t hear a sound
These-red … drops falling on the ground,
Liquid red … as it hits the sand.
My nose-hurts ‘n’ there’s blood on my hands.

Knees-Hit the dust now I’m alone in my pain
Banned from lands cause some of them complain.
Cause I’m different they don’t understand
TV tells them what to fear sit on the witness stand.

I’m not afraid and I know
I’m hold back another blow
I’m not afraid and I know
I’ll take down this puppet show

Security, security
More and more policeman for more and more humiliation
Not here to protect, but here to reject…
To be injured is neither a reason nor a justification …
You can’t be the victim … you need a house of correction …

Alone in my cell I count the days … on the wall.
Like a savage animal they say … I’m out of control
Lost without a sign …. Lost without a sign...
I try to find the light.

I’m not afraid and I know
I’m hold back another blow
I’m not afraid and I know
Cause it’s the same old show

I’m not afraid and I know
I know you must to regret
I’m not afraid and I know
That you’ll finally respect
I’m not afraid and I know
Now you’re the only suspect
I’m not afraid and I know
I’m not afraid anymore

Paranoia Of The Soul :
Look at the lightning in the sky
Listen to the sound of the storm as it makes you cry
You’ll find the reason for your weakness
Or you’ll ever stay speechless
You pay the bill, you take the pill,..
Upon the hill, you really think you can chill …
until you realize you’re in their pocket
And they own the strings of your puppet.
And then you shout, you howl, you’re out to growl.
You fight them all for your rights and freedom.
Those fools try to control your life.
Easy as a criminal with sharpened knives
No shame, no blame for the man who plays
This game with our names, our money, our days
They’ll never repay, for all the shit they lay
But no dismay, make sure all is paid.
Tell’em the last king is dead.
We’ve got the same rights
Tell’em the last king is dead
Forget the past and wake up.
Still fighting to the end against waste and privilege.
Forget the story they told us.
All their heroes ordered to kill and dominate but it’s not a game.
And they’ll pay for what they’ve done
A pack of lies that they have spun
Hunting the weak to control
Paranoia of the soul

They talk about gods and terrorism
Use the differences for racism
Like the old black plague for a cataclysm
It’s the brand new wave for journalism
Pay no attention to these frauds
They’ll just light a fire and be gone
They’ll watch us fight each other from afar
As they seek out the next enemy for their war
Now, I don’t want to believe
We’re too good, too blind, too naive
We’ve got to stay ready and one day…
… stop them be’fore they leave

Behind Ur Screen :
Bored of all these things.
I can see in front of me.
Scandals and killings
What a sad reality

Need another landscape
And a better way to think
Need a social circle
And some safe beliefs…

I link my mind and hide …
Scroll down to find a way inside.

My phone …
… Is now my greatest friend.
I know everything now
And always something to say.

Follow me ‘on my page.
Like my post, share my picture.
Now I can express myself
And show them all my culture.

Everyone knows, my life is now‘on a screen
For once I know who pulls the strings of the scene
Nobody can lie to me since I’m no longer a teen.
Believe me right now I found my own medicine

I snap…. And share my food my life is short.
Quick, I must bring it to light … how much I’m worth you see.
No time to see the show, I prefer to film and Post it live.
Send a tweet for comments And like the page to show I’m here.

Wintertide :
On this huge cloud we walked on,
We’ve never seen the stars so close.
In this magic bubble we’ve drawn,
The perfect way to forget the rules.

It’s now; when everything’s fine you change your mind.
It’s now that you look behind and redefine RIidefine

Your head is lost... Your heart is quiet
Damaged by lies… You begin to cry

It’s time to forget your old life
It’s time to redefine….

Your life, your choice, your way, your future
Some tears, some wounds, sometime it’s better to leave.

Your life, your choice, your way, your future
Some tears, some wounds, sometime you’d better...

VirtualHero :
Hidden by the strand that covers my face
I’m feeling like a shadow lost in the darkness
I’m invisible Lost in outer-space
You take my breath away touching grace

But when I wear my gloves
Into the shadows
I feel like a hero
Everybody needs a flame
Come ‘n’ scream my name

I’m all-alone
Surrounded by people
But there’s nothing at all
I’m all by myself
Turning me into another self

So I crawl back in -
-to my other world
Escape it all
To be my other self
We’re all someone else

Should I keep play this game where I’m all alone?
Should I keep gamble my life for no one’s love?

Should I keep play this game if no one cares?
Should I keep gamble my life for no respect?

Should I keep caring if no one cares?
Should I give a fuck for no respect?