Teaser New Album "Upon The Hill"

Teaser of the new album « Upon The Hill »

Shuffle finally unveils the teaser of it’s upcoming album « Upon The Hill », that is to be released on early 2015. Get a preview of the album and get inside our studio experience : http://youtu.be/UNmhL0uth6U

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New Clip

First music video « tomorrow’s Relics »

Here is our new music video « Tomorrow’s relics » from the new album « Upon The Hill » !

Directed by Mad Mill Production, animated album artwork by Alrik Prével. A huge thank to the extras : Athénaïs Loiseau, Svenja Koslowski, Gary Unleash, Ben Unleash, Dylan Unleash, Noëmie Carré, Juliette Mng, Charlène Enard, Anaïs Guéret, Céline Hoarau, Leila, Thibault Lecomte, Jordan Pst, Antoine Alric, Alexia Stephan, Axel Vaumoron, JF, Natoch, Antoine Boisseau, Jade Hou, Noémie Dommange, Lisa Barré, Benjamin Poulin, Gabinghi Yep, Louis Le Peltier, Nicolas Tacheau’s Pub… Please share as much as possible !
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