« No Time », Official Music Video Live by Shuffle.

Video editing by Alan Durand, Mata Production
Filmed at Le Trianon in Paris
Cameramen : Alrik Prével, Antoine Callis, Alexia Stephan, Marielle Pottier, Svenja Koslowski, Alan Durand

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Produced by Arnaud Bascuñana & Jordan Jupin
Engineered and mixed by Arnaud Bascuñana assisted by Tim Bickford at Studio Soyuz & Studio 180 (Paris)
Mastered by Arnaud Bascuñana at Studio 180 (Paris)


« No time for people you don’t know.
No sympathy for a fool who wasn’t here before.
No compassion for him.

No one understands your old rules.
But don’t let that disturb your lifestyle

Just like this you respect your own rules,
And you don’t take care of the other fools.
That I can read on your lips.

But why do you choose to be like that ?
How long do you think that you can behave…
like someone…
someone that you can’t even stand ?

Why do you choose to be like tha’
Wha’s wrong with you man ?
Don’t try to fuck me man
Come On Get up
Get the Fuck up »

Label : M & O Music – http://www.m-o-music.com
Copyright Shuffle & Musikbox Production 2015