Shuffle Band 2018 #WonTheyFade?

After the first EP “Desert Burst” and more than 100 shows through France and Europe (including openings for Shaka Ponk, Dirty Loops or Revolver), Shuffle is back with its first album “Upon the Hill”. Recorded in Paris by Arnaud Bascuñana and released by M&O Music label on March 23.

Their music is a powerful and atmospheric mix, somewhere in between alternative and progressive rock, tinted with Metal and Hip Hop, a «vintage» touch in a «West Coast» spirit. Influenced by bands such as Porcupine Tree, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Deftones or Rage Against The Machine, it goes through a variety of emotional states and sounds deeply modern.

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Latest reviews :

“With Upon The Hill, Shuffle is punching above it’s size. With influences from the second part of the 90’s american rock, this young and talented band explodes on this first album. A world-class revelation !” – Album of the month on United Rock Nation

“A new breath with Shuffle. What if progressive-metal’s revival came from Le Mans ?” – Le Parisien

“On Upon The Hill, each new track slaps you in the face. A total pleasure from the first till the last second” – Music Waves

« An album showing a real talent frankly, not metal, but frankly good ! » – Metal France

« Upon The Hill, the first album, is certainly a nice success. Keep a close watch on SHUFFLE, very close ! » – Metal Intégrale

« A unique work, full of horizons » – Tohu Bohu

« Coherent and strong compositions. There is talent in France. It’s high time to admit it and to get it where it really is » – Rock’n Reviews

« A strict and musical performance in the whole for this piece of art. 4/5 » – Tv Rock Life

« Their first album, « Upon The Hill », unleashed on March the 23, would let us think that it’s really up to this little gang from the west to have their name up in lights. » – Mag B-awave

“For a first album « Upon the Hill » is a complete success and deserves to be in your collection. In a competitive music style, Shuffle perfectly mixed rock music with different influences in a convincing way. I think we will hear a lot from these guys in the years to come if they maintain their level and this nice energy.” – Metal Sickness 16/20

“With this album, french néo-prog gets a three-star chef. English kitchen boys have watch out !” – Rock Made in France

“Such a good album for a young band is pretty outrageous. And even if everything is not perfect, there is no doubt that this album will find a place in the heart of any rock prog and atmospheric metal fan, and even more. Anyway, we are won over.” – Rock en Stock

“Even a person with hearing difficulties would be left speechless faced with this musical accuracy. Listen to it and feel this work of art, we’re giving our word that you’re going to love it ! ” – Sons of Metal

“Here’s a band which deserves more than a superficial glance. A nearly brutal force combined with the delicacy of their music will aim right for your heart like a missile. Absolutely recommandable.” 9/10 Metal actus

“Upon the Hill takes you on a different journey with each new song” – Music Waves